One Year Ago – The Hiking Life

In November of last year:  Having a great time hiking with the Alamogordo Trails Hiking Group from This trip was up to Indian Wells – a primitive campsite featuring ancient rock hollows probably used by early Native Americans for water storage, grinding, etc.

Great weather, great people, great scenery, great hike.

Fast forward to November 2016: One pair of resoled hiking boots and midway through the treads on another. I’ve been back up on this trail several times as well as several other Alamogordo canyoneering trails just on the edge of the town and up in the mountains. Still hiking with my buds and looking forward to showing these trails to other friends. It’s fabulous to have found a great group of people to hike with whenever time permits.

More posts to come!


Photos courtesy of Michal Ja, our knowledgeable Alamogordo Trails Hiking Guide.