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Spring Walk in the Desert

So Beautiful I Had to Share ~

It’s a pleasure to be in one place for a while, long enough for a second springtime here in Las Cruces. The flowers here always surprise me in their vibrance and ability to bloom in this high, dry desert. Here are some pics from this weekend’s hike behind the house: Continue reading “Spring Walk in the Desert”


Living in a Glass House

Meet the Neighbors

We were in search of full-blown rugged living when we moved from a city to an old logging town high up in the Sacramento Mountains at the edge of the Lincoln National Forest. We were surrounded by miles of pinyon and juniper forest in mountains that look down over White Sands National Park.

This area has some the best terrain for hiking I’ve ever seen. I spend most of my outdoor time hiking on dirt roads and old railroad trails, rarely seeing anyone except the occasional coyote. People tell me there are mountain lions and bob cats out here, along with desert rattlesnakes, but I have yet to see any. Continue reading “Living in a Glass House”

Riding in the Saguaros on the Arizona Trail

You know that cactus you’d see in cowboy cartoons when we were kids? You know, the ones with arms that were usually talking or slapping some dopey cowboy in the head? I pictured them as part humorous creature, part plant. That’s what went into my kid brain, and it hadn’t changed much since.

That is until I saw the real McCoy’s in Tucson AZ this past winter near Saguaro National Park, home to the Saguaro cactus. Continue reading “Riding in the Saguaros on the Arizona Trail”

Bike Riding for Grownups

There’s More Than One Way to Ride a Bike

The good news is you can learn to ride your bike in new ways, no matter how old you are. That’s what I learned during one our first stays in West Texas after a life of living in snow country for the winter. I’ve been riding a bike since I was a little kid. I remember the first two-wheeler I rode and exactly where I wiped out, Continue reading “Bike Riding for Grownups”

Overheard on a Plane

Hungry –

Conversation between parents and two sons sitting in front of me during a flight to Houston:


“What honey.”

“I’ve thought about it and I’ve discovered I am a cannibal. I want to eat Cameron’s arm but he won’t let me touch it. He won’t let me touch it!”

“Mmm hmmmm.”

“Make him. I really want take a chomp out of his right arm.”

……Garbled noise…..

“C’mon, Cameron! Cameron, give me your arm!!!”

Now dad weighs in:

“Christian, if he doesn’t want to share his arm, he doesn’t want to share it. Why don’t you start on his fingernails? His fingernails and then his toenails?”

At the end of the flight, I hear the mom pipe up:

“Cameron? How are your ears, honey?”


Bad Haircut? Call it Zombie Hair

Bad Haircuts Lurk Around Every Corner

Don’t take your favorite hair stylist for granted. I once had an absolutely fabulous hair guy, Jerry. I never had a bad haircut from him. For more than 15 years. Jerry kept me looking chic – until he moved to Arizona to be closer to his sister and year-round golf. I never found anyone like him again. I eventually took to cheap walk-in salons – haircut $13.50, no questions asked. What the heck, it always grows back, right? Continue reading “Bad Haircut? Call it Zombie Hair”

New Walking Buddies

Meet New Friends Where You Least Expect Them

Check out this beauty. I ran into him on one of my daily walks on the pecan farming roads in Las Cruces, NM where we live now. Who knew that peacocks hang out in New Mexico?

I was walking by my new friend Bob’s old adobe house and this fine fellow caught my eye. If you look to the right by the pottery, you can see a nice gray kitty walking by in the inside porch.

Is or Mom Right About Your Heritage? You Decide DNA Tests are Great but They Don’t Tell the Whole Story –

It’s great to be proud of your roots. In fact, I’ve always walked with a little extra spring in my step because I knew, in my heart, I was a Finlander – a 100% American-born citizen of Finnish descent. I didn’t need no stinkin’ DNA tests to tell me who I was.

For as long as I can remember, I was told my great-grandparents all came here from Finland beginning in the 1880s to work the copper mines in Upper Michigan. When they got here, they didn’t marry outside their kind. Continue reading “Is or Mom Right About Your Heritage? You Decide”

Tarantula Hunting

New Wilderness, New Exotic Creatures

One thing about moving to the Southwest, there sure are some amazing and gnarly looking bugs out here. The desert is not brown and dead like I imagined it would be before moving here. It’s teeming Continue reading “Tarantula Hunting”

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